Dealing with a Frenemy

We all have at least one. Frenemies. The urban dictionary describes a frenemy as being: “Someone who is both friend and enemy, a relationship that is both mutually beneficial or dependent while being competitive, fraught with risk and mistrust.” Which I think is a perfect explanation of a frenemy. So, here is the question on […]

Top 10 Beauty Hacks!

We’ve thrown together some of our top favorite Beauty Hacks in this Top 10 Beauty Hacks video! It includes some awesome tips and tricks for easy makeup application and other neat beauty tricks including: How to get rid of dandruff, buildup and dead skin cells on your scalp with aspirin How to use a business […]

Summer 2014 Fashion Trends – What’s Hot?

Summer is rapidly approaching and so are the summer 2014 fashion trends. The last few years we have had the pleasure of hiding our not-so-flattering tummies under long sleeveless tunics and sheer layers but this summer it’s all about the: ———————————————————– 1. CROP TOP Unless you have washboard abs or a tight and toned tummy […]

My Pilates Fitness Journey

Yes, this is about my FITNESS journey. Not a journey of weight-loss. Not a carb-cutting journey. Not a calorie-cutting journal. Just an [every-so-often blog update] about my fitness journey. I want to become stronger, healthier, and in get better shape. I am refusing to step on the scale and record a number. Instead I will […]