Summer 2014 Fashion Trends – What’s Hot?

Summer is rapidly approaching and so are the summer 2014 fashion trends. The last few years we have had the pleasure of hiding our not-so-flattering tummies under long sleeveless tunics and sheer layers but this summer it’s all about the: ———————————————————– 1. CROP TOP Unless you have washboard abs or a tight and toned tummy […]

My Pilates Fitness Journey

Yes, this is about my FITNESS journey. Not a journey of weight-loss. Not a carb-cutting journey. Not a calorie-cutting journal. Just an [every-so-often blog update] about my fitness journey. I want to become stronger, healthier, and in get better shape. I am refusing to step on the scale and record a number. Instead I will […]


Have you seen that Pinterest Pin on the GLAMGLOW MUD MASK, the one where someone has a picture of their nose and it looks like their blackheads are popping out? It said it “sucks your blackheads and pimples out.” It looked so cool! As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I had […]