The 411 on Foundation

Foundation: What is it? How is it used? How is it applied? — As silly as these questions may sound I want to answer them all now! After all, weren’t we all youngsters, experimenting with our mom’s makeup at one point in time? As much as I would like to think I came out of the womb with a full face of makeup on, it simply wasn’t true. (Shocking, I KNOW!) So for those of you who are makeup newbies, WELCOME! Or perhaps you just have never known exactly how to apply foundation. That’s okay! Today is a new day to try new things. Be adventurous and go buy you some quality foundation TODAY! (I recommend Rimmel – Lasting Finish – You can click the photo below to buy or see other foundations we like!)


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What is Foundation?: Foundation is a base that covers imperfections, uneven skin tone, and serves as a protective film that is applied before any other makeup and powder. There are MANY types of foundation (such as: liquid, stick, cream-to-powder, and tinted-moisturizers) out there and choosing the correct one for your skin tone and type is very important. For instance: foundations that contains mineral oil or other oils are referred to as oil-based and are a good choice for normal-dry skin types. However, those would not work well for women with oily skin. They should choose something water-based. Oil free foundations are generally much more matte (which means dull, and not shiny) and tend to conceal minor blemishes and discolorations better.


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Makeup Sponges

How to Apply it: There used to be only one (or two) ways of applying liquid foundation. The tried and true makeup sponge. (or your fingers…) With it’s universally known triangular shape, squishy feel, and white spongey material. It’s iconic. (I’d venture to say as much so as even COLD CREAM, which was invented back in 1907!) Makeup sponges are used by makeup artists and regular women every single day! Use it wet or dry. These now come in different shapes, the most common being the makeup sponge round (which is what I usually choose.) But, in the last decade or so new makeup techniques have exploded on the scene! Foundation brushes – with the two most common of these being the flat brush and the stipple brush – allow you to apply a range of coverage options. A stipple brush’s bristles aren’t so densely packed so you will get a more sheer coverage because it spreads the foundation evenly and lightly over the face. However, if you choose a flat brush with thick, packed bristles the coverage is going to be medium to full as it will dispense more foundation per stroke. The last way to apply foundation I will talk about is the all-new Beauty Blender. This has been getting RAVE reviews. This is simply an egg-shaped makeup sponge. It’s goal is to help you get a flawless finish to the face. The Beauty Blender was created by two Hollywood makeup artists: Veronica Lorenz and Rea Ann Silva. This sponge is not intended to be thrown away but is instead reusable. The first step is to get the sponge wet. Then the smaller end can be used in a twisting, stippling motion to apply more foundation to an area or to get into small creases. The larger end can be used to apply foundation to the larger portions of the face.

My Favorite Method: I have tried ALL of these methods. They all have different benefits and down-sides. Personally, I STILL prefer to use my fingers when working on myself. I can spread it evenly, get into all my creases with my fingertips, and it keeps me from wasting product because my fingers do not soak up any of the foundation like a sponge or brush would. However, when working on clients I think the Beauty Blender works well. Obviously people do not like you poking them in the face with your fingers and the dual sides really work well to get into creases and blend the foundation.

So, I hope we cleared up some questions today about foundation. It really is an amazing tool to have. Even if you have tried foundations in the past you didn’t like, please consider trying again! There are many new formulas out there. Mousse, liquid, powder, you name it they probably have it! With wide ranges of coverage options to choose from you are sure to find something you like. Super cakey to super sheer. It can sometimes be trial and error so DO NOT give up! Also, don’t forget to visit our topfloor store to see some of our favorite foundations and beauty items!

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