Everything You Need to Know About Eyeliners

So I get the question “which is better, liquid liner or pencil liner?” a LOT. My answer? Both and neither. There are 4 basic types of eyeliner and they are all used to achieve different effects.

20130510-161206.jpgThe pencil eyeliner gives a softer look. It’s easy to smudge to get that classic smoked out effect. It’s best to use for natural looks or looks that you don’t want to be too harsh. They can also give a nice bold look with no harsh edges. I think black, brown and white coal liners are a must-have in any makeup bag.

Tips for applying coal liner:

- if the eyeliner is too hard and it doesn’t seem to be depositing any color,20130510-161147.jpg run the tip through the flame of a lighterfor a couple seconds back and forth and it’ll soften it up and make it easier to apply. Just be careful not to out it up to you eye if its hot! That would be bad.

20130510-161502.jpg- if you tend to have that tiny gap of skin showing through between your liner and your eyelashes, take a Q-tip and gently push on your eyelid. That’ll further expose the skin closest to your eyelashes and makes it easier to fill it in.

- to smudge it out for a gorgeous smokey eye, take a pencil brush or small flat brush or a spongey smudger that comes at the end of some pencil liners and run it back and forth until you get your desired smokey effect.

Liquid liner is GREAT for that sexy winged out cat eye. It give such a nice, clean, sharp finish. 20130510-161200.jpgFor the most part, liquid eyeliner cannot be smudged. Even the non-waterproof eyeliners are hard to smudge and make look right. It looks like more of a smear than a soft smoked out so if use liquid liner strictly when you want a bold, sharp edge.

Tips for applying liquid liner:

- to avoid getting it globed everywhere, start in the center of your eye and sweep it out, then go back and go over the inner part. It helps deposit the most product on the thickest part of the line.

Gel liner is very similar to liquid but it can be smudged out like a coal liner. Gel liner is my go-to ALL the way. I use it 20130510-161222.jpgalmost every day. The ColorStay gel liner by Revlon and MAC black track are my 2 20130510-161228.jpgfavorites at the moment. Gel liners have a very waxy feel so once they’re on, they are very difficult to remove. This is GREAT for the waterline and tight lining the upper water line because once it’s on, it won’t run or smear. I like to use gel liners for winged eyeliner as well but when it’s not smudged it leaves a nice clean finish.

Tips for applying gel liner:

- my favorite method for applying gel liner is using a very small precision art brush. If you bend the metal part of the tip, 20130510-161456.jpgyou can see what you’re doing because your hand won’t be in the way.
20130510-161107.jpg- when applying eyeliner to the water line, I like to dip by pencil into my gel liner and then line my water line. Gel liners are very waxy and can withstand being around the watery parts of the eye without smearing. Putting gel liner on your water will last ALL DAY!

The last type is the jumbo liner. These work great to create a very soft smokey eye. You can also go bold and pair it20130510-161448.jpg with liquid liner to spice up an otherwise dull winged cat-eye look. These also work GREAT as an eyeshadow base. It opens up more possibilities to play around with hues and depth of your eye shadows!

I don’t really have any special tips for applying jumbo liners because they are so easy to use and are usually paired with any other kind of liner.

Speaking of eyeliners, here is Staci’s review of 2 wet-n-wild liquid liners. Check it out!


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