Are YOU in a Beauty RUT???

Did you know that the average woman wears the same daily makeup routine for 11 years!?! Just because you’re makeup routine worked in the 90′s doesn’t mean it’s working now. Put down that dried up makeup sponge wand and listen up! We are about to amp up your style.

RUT #1Applying bronzer all over your face

Ditch that habit, it isn’t flattering or natural looking. The best use of bronzer is to contour your cheeks, sides of nose and top of your forehead by your hairline. Or just stick with places that the sun would naturally hit you. Top of cheeks, bridge of nose, etc. This gives you a natural glow without looking like you just got a makeover by Snooki. Always make sure to finish off with a pop of color on your cheeks. Something peachy pink always looks nice.

TRY THIS: The NYX Bronzer and Blusher Combo. At a very affordable price you’ll be looking cheeky in no time!


NYX Bronzer and Blusher Combo in Marbella

Rut #2 – The same old smokey eye

Are you the type of woman who thinks a smokey eye can ONLY be applied in a charcoal grey? WRONG! Freshen that look with pops of color and neutral shades.

TRY THIS: Urban Decay’s Glide on Shadows can ease you into the process of adding color to your smokey eye. You can use it as a liner or a shadow. I suggest trying it under your bottom lashes for a small pop of color until you get comfortable adding more color to your everyday routine! We just adore this lavender color. Perfect for daytime or evening.


Urban Decay – Glide On Shadow Pencil in Morphine

Rut #3 – Gravitating towards neutral lips

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE a nude lipstick any day of the week just as much as the next girl, but have you ever tried experimenting with bold and beautiful colors? Dark copper colors, warm oranges, and hot pink can really amp up your style and get you noticed!

TRY THIS: This balm stain by Revlon will really make those lips pop and get you noticed by friends, co-workers, and of course your leading man! Play down your eyes to balance the look and your luscious lips will be begging to be kissed!


Revlon Color Stay – just bitten kissable balm stain

Rut #4 – Matching eyeshadow to your eye color

Please, please do not think that this old myth is true. By the way, the same goes for matching eye shadow to your clothes (You aren’t doing a show on Vegas!) Instead, try picking a shadow opposite your eye color, that will bring out the colors in your eyes. Browns look great with purples, Blue eyes look fantastic with coppers, green eyes pop when a brown shade is applied, and hazel eyes are complimented nicely with greens and golds.

TRY THIS: The BH cosmetics 120 palette has every shade you could possibly want. The price is fantastic and the color pay-off is worth the $30 you will spend. At MakeupMiraclesOnline we adore the entire BH line!


BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette

Breaking the mold sometimes means you may need a new, fresh perspective. If this is the case with you schedule an appointment with your local day spa or makeup counter and see if the makeup artist can help find a look that is right for you. Makeup is an art form and art should always be fun. So go! Play, feel, touch and discover. You may find a few new makeup items you adore! Oh, and if you don’t like it, it can always be washed off. So, please don’t panic if that lipstick is too dark, or that blush isn’t just right && most importantly, remember to have fun! :)


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