Our Top 10 Makeup Brush MUST-HAVES

Did you know that by using the proper makeup brushes and with the right technique you can do your own makeup like a professional? It’s true! The right brush makes all the difference when it comes to cosmetics.

Just like painting your house, you wouldn’t use a trimming brush for an entire wall would you? NO! You would use a roller. It applies color in a larger section and much more smoothly and consistently so the paint job comes out looking it’s best! Sure, you could use that little trimming brush but it would take a lot longer and the job would look a lot more sloppy. Sooo…Same rules apply for makeup. Again, you can use that little tiny sponge brush for eyeshadow, but it doesn’t do the job like the proper brushes would.

First thing is first…what type of fibers do you need for your brushes? Generally speaking there are two types of bristles:

1. Natural – These brushes are usually made from Sable or Pony fibers and are better for dry products like blush and eyeshadow.
2. Synthetic – These brushes are made from fake hair (usually made from acrylic or plastic) and are best suited for cream or liquid products such as foundation, concealer or cream eyeshadows. The reason being is that they tend to soak up less product, which mean less waste and easier to clean.

Now that you know what type of bristles you need on your brush you now need to keep in mind that the bristles should not be too firm or stiff and should have some give to them to fit into the creases and contours of your face.

With those two things in mind let’s get to our list!
Makeup Miracles Online Top 10 Makeup Brushes for Aspiring Makeup Artists:

10. SMUDGE BRUSH – Number ten on our list is the smudge brush. A smudge brush is GREAT for helping create the perfect smokey eye. With it’s short dense bristles it is able to move color back and forth through the lash line and create the famously desired smokey look. Click on this picture to buy this amazing brush from BH cosmetics.

9. ANGLED BLUSH BRUSH – An all-time favorite brush among makeup artists is the Angled Blush Brush! What makes this brush so unique is how it is able to fit into the hollows of your cheeks perfectly! It’s soft bristles do not apply too much color so it’s pretty much foul-proof!! We know you’ll love this brush once you’ve had a go. Try this one from BH Cosmetics.


8. SOFT DOME BRUSH – A Brush NO aspiring makeup artist should be without is the Soft dome brush. This brush has super soft bristles and isn’t meant for packing on color but instead for blending. Create a super soft crease or blend out a smokey eye. This is the perfect soft dome brush for your collection!


7. FOUNDATION STIPPLING BRUSH – The great thing about a foundation stippling brush is that you can layer your coverage. Light, medium, and heavy are all easy to achieve! Just apply foundation on the back of your hand, dip your brush in and stipple it all over your face starting in the center. It will create that airbrushed, flawless finish. If you have never tried applying your foundation with one of these we HIGHLY recommend it!


6. ANGLED EYELINER BRUSH – This brush is so versatile! Use it to apply eyeshadow as eyeliner, cut your crease, or fill in your brows! This truly is an amazing brush. If you don’t already have one in your collection we recommend the Sigma E65 Small Angle.

5. KABUKI BRUSH – A kabuki brush is a small short stemmed brush with short flat or rounded bristles. The name kabuki comes from a style of Japanese theater defined by actors who wear heavy, stylized makeup. The kabuki is perfect for applying translucent powder, blush, and bronzer evenly. Very versatile and compact, you’ll love this brush. This one even has it’s own little bag, so it travels.


4. BENT ANGLED LINER BRUSH – This brush is perfect for cream and gel liners. The bent handle makes it easy to apply liner in a perfect straight line giving you the famous cat-eye effect!

3.  FLAT EYESHADOW BRUSH - This brush is meant for packing on eyeshadow. It’s stiff bristles pick up color with ease! Try this one for applying the perfect amount of shadow to those lids.

2. OUTER V BRUSH – We, as makeup artists always talk about the “outer V” meaning the outer corner of the eye where we pack tons of color onto to add instant drama and depth to our makeup creations. It’s also great for smudging larger areas. Try this one out!

1. BLENDING BRUSH – Perhaps the greatest of all brushes in our opinion. The blending brush has many uses such as feathering out the outer V, applying concealer under the eyes, blending out harsh lines, or even just creating a soft crease. This would be the very first purchase I would make if I were just starting out again!!

There you go! Our top 10 picks. If you have all ten of these brushes then you have a fantastic start to your makeup collection. So please tell us, what makeup brush can you just NOT live without? We want to know!

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