Snow Princess Photo Shoot

My daughter had an impromptu photo-session with our good friend Michele Coleman. Here in West Virginia, in the Mid-Ohio Valley we got the most snow we have seen in about 20 years! We got about 8-10 inches of snow. Normally our winters see MAYBE 2 inches of snow at most. It’s usually just a lot of yucky rain. So we took advantage of it, and had a snow princess photo shoot. The pictures turned out absolutely stunning (of course!) I am so proud of Delaney, it was so cold, and she was such a trooper! In between shots we covered her up with a big fur blanket and help her to keep her warm.






With the move Frozen just having come out Delaney was so excited about this snow princess photo shoot! What girl wouldn’t be? Let me know what you think of this shoot. Would you allow your kids to go out in the snow for a half hour for these types of pictures? It was definitely a great experience and now we have memories that will last a lifetime!


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